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Hydronic heating is an efficient, reliable, safe, and comfortable choice in Lake County, IL. With over 45 years of boiler experience, Air Technicians is family owned and has provided advanced high efficiency boiler installation services for home and business owners throughout our area from our office on Grand Avenue.

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IBC HC 1350 Boiler
International Boiler Company

Replacement Boiler Installations

Hot water have been a traditional winter heating source in central Illinois. Water is heated with natural gas and distributed to radiators, hot water baseboard, or in recent years, in floor radiant heat or zoned air handlers. Boilers make zoning easy, so that different areas of your home can be separately controlled with their own thermostat.

If you are considering replacing an existing boiler, we can help. We'll evaluate your application, perform a heat loss to determine the proper sizing, and suggest a proper efficient, modern replacement boiler system.

If you're building a new home, or doing a complete system replacement, and new natural gas boiler could be a great choice. Modern gas boilers are extremely efficient, and can give your the flexibility and comfort that your project deserves. We feature the innovative gas fired boilers from IBC, a North American leader in hydronics and water heating technology. IBC feature both heat only, and combi wall hung boiler systems.

Call your local bouler experts at Air Technicians today!
Call your local bouler experts at Air Technicians today!

Heat Only

IBC offer both the HC and SL series heat only gas boilers. Both systems are condensing wall hung systems. Features include:

  • Unique and innovative single pass Copper / Aluminum heat exchanger, ensuring greater efficiency and eliminating water side corrosion.
  • 95% AFUE Efficiency (HC) and 96% AFUE (SL).
  • Turndown ratio of up to 10:1 means you have the power to heat your home in the coldest weather, yet reduce short cycling when the weather is mild* Built-in system circulator.
  • Approved for PVC venting
  • Built-in air vent, outdoor sensor, and relief valve
  • SL Series feature the V-10 Touch Screen control which features the latest in advance control technology and software. Easy to setup and monitor with features like Express Setup, easier Diagnostics & Intuitive Alert System with plain English Warnings and Error Messages.
Series Application Number of
Max. Output
Range BtuH
AFUE Outlet Temp.
HC Residential Heat Only 4 51.0 - 160.0 95.0% 50° - 194°
SL Residential/Commercial 5 85.0 - 399 96.0 34.0° - 201°

Gas Boiler Rebates and Incentives

Nicor: Rebates for the installation of IBS 95%+ natural gas boilers or combi boilers. Click here for details.

North Shore Gas: Rebates of $500 for the installation an IBC Combi gas boiler, or $350 for a heat only boiler. Click here for details.

Boiler Repairs Lake Villa, IL

If you need to help with your existing boiler, we’re here to help. With decades of professional boiler service experience, our licensed and insured boiler techs can help. Whether it is an emergency repair or scheduled maintenance we’ll be there when you need us. We service all brands and types of boiler systems and stock most parts necessary to get your home or business warm again. Click here for details.

Combi Gas Boilers

Combi boilers can produce both heat, and domestic hot water on demand. IBC offers a unique Combi boiler design the is both simple, and sophisticated. are the ultimate high efficiency condensing combination with capacities to Key features include:

  • Patented two-in-one heat exchanger that ensures optimal heat transfer and minimal heat loss. Flue gases are condensed with both space heating and domestic hot water production ensuring heat extraction to the fullest extent possible.
  • Two independent copper waterways embedded in a cast aluminum block to provide both heat and domestic hot water.
  • A total of 5 moving parts - Unparalleled in the industry (Fan, Pump, Bypass Valve, Gas Valve & Damper).
  • 95% AFUE efficiency with full ASME-rated heat exchanger.
  • Packaged with a high-efficiency ECM variable speed pump
  • Outdoor reset technology increases efficiency by lowering the water temperature automatically.
  • Approved for PVC venting
Series Application Number of
Max. Heat
Range BtuH
AFUE Outlet Temp.
Range Heat
Max DHW Temp. DHW Flow @ 70°
SFC Combi 2 99 - 125 95.0% 50° - 194° 149° 5.0
DC Combi 2 125 - 160 95.0% 50° - 194° 149° 3.0
We have been family owned and operated by Bruce Davis, and Illinois native, since 1993.
Air Technology is an IBC boiler dealer. We have decades of boiler experience and are commited to technology, training, and customer service.
All of our boiler technicians are licensed and insured. We have decades of experience meeting the unique challenges posed by our Lake County, IL winters.

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