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Lake Villa, IL Mini Split Repair

Here in Lake County, IL, ductless mini split heat pumps have become very popular for both homes and businesses. While mini splits are known for their easy installation, they are technically advanced, and require a trained professional to troubleshoot and repair. Air Technology is a Mitsubishi Diamond contractor, and we have invested in the training necessary to professionally repair and maintain Mitsubishi ductless mini split heat pumps and all other current manufacturers.

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Mini-Split Installations

More than a few Lake Villa, IL HVAC contractors and builders now install ductless mini split heat pumps, but only a handful have the training and experience necessary to competently repair them. Our EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified and factory trained technicians guarantee service on time, done right and priced right. We offer 24 hour emergency heating repairs for both residential and commercial applications.

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Practically every week, one of our heat pump specialists arrives on a service call only to find out that the problem was simple and might have been easily resolved by the owner. Before you call us, if you check these items you might save the time and expense of a professional service call:

  • Remote Control Batteries: If your mini split heat pump uses a hand-held remote, check, and perhaps change the batteries.
  • Check Operating Mode: Check to make sure your system control is set to the correct mode: generally "Cooling" in summer and "Heating" in winter.
  • System Calling for Heating or Cooling?: Make sure that at least one zone is set to on and the desired temperature is set well below ambient for cooling operation, or well above ambient for heating operation.
  • Is the Power On: Check your circuit breaker and your outdoor unit disconnect to ensure that you have not had a nuisance trip and your heat pump system does have power.
  • Is the Outdoor Unit in Defrost Mode?: If you are operating in the heat mode, make sure that your system is not in “Defrost” mode. If it is, "defrost" should complete within a few minutes and heating operations should then resume.
  • Time Delay: If your breaker was off, after turning the power on, give it a few minutes: many systems have a built-in time delay.
  • Air Filters: Check your indoor unit filters. If your filters have not been cleaned lately, clean them now.
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Mini Split Heat Pump Repair Issues

We firmly believe that ductless mini split heat pumps are a great choice for Illinois homes and businesses. The most common service issues are caused by improper installation or lack of proper maintenance. Common mini split heat pump service issues that require professional help include:

  • Installation Issues:
    • Reduced or declining system capacity caused by refrigerant line leaks or mechanical damage.
    • Condensation leaks from indoor units typically cause by indoor units being installed out of level or improperly install condensation lines.
    • System or a zone fails to start due to refrigerant loss.
    • Inconsistent temperature or wide temperature swings often cause by improper system or zone sizing.
    • Wintertime outdoor unit freeze-ups cause by improperly mounted outdoor units. Outdoor units need to be high enough so that snow and ice will not accumulate around its base and impede proper operation.
  • Maintenance Issues:
    • Changes in heating or cooling capability over time often caused by dirty indoor filters or coils.
    • Capacity issues caused by a dirty or clogged outdoor coil.
    • Noisy operation indoors or out.
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Mini Split Heat Pump Tune-ups and Maintenance Agreements

If your mini split heat pump is fine today but you want to make sure you're ready for either winter or summer weather, consider a pre-season tune-up. We’ll schedule a complete system check to ensure your system is ready for the cooling or heating season.

For more peace of mind, consider one of our comprehensive Maintenance Agreements. Twice each year we'll schedule and complete mini split tune-up and make sure that your heat pump is ready for efficient trouble free comfort. Click here for more information.

If you’re considering a new mini-split heat pump system, we offer free estimates for new system installations. Click here for our details about our Mitsubishi mini split systems.

We have been family owned and operated by Bruce Davis, an Illinois native, since 1993.
All of our heat pump technicians are EPA Certified for proper refrigeration services.
Air Technology is an Armstrong Comfort Team and Mitsubishi dealer. This reflects our long term commitment to technology, training, and customer service.
All of our heat pump technicians are factory trained, licensed and insured. We have decades of experience meeting the unique challenges posed by our Lake County, IL seasons.

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