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At Air Technicians, we know that a stove is not simply a heating source, it’s a center-point of your home. It’s where you gather on a winter evening to relax in the comfort and ambiance available from a beautiful fireplace or stove. We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the perfect gas-fired hearth product for your home and your budget.

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We offer common options including:

  • Gas Fireplaces: Available in either direct vent or chimney vented models, todays gas fireplaces offer and an authentic flame that realistically depicts a wood burning flame without the inconvenience of lugging the wood and cleaning up the ash.
  • Fireplace Inserts: Gas fireplaces have many benefits that traditional wood fireplaces don’t have. Easy operation, no charcoal and ash mess, smoke, or even owner maintenance. Gas inserts install into an existing wood-burning fireplace and offer a beautiful efficient flame. Inserts pull combustion air from outdoors so they don’t pull your heated air for combustion. Fires burn slower and hotter, radiating the trapped heat into your home. Proper venting also eliminates cold drafts, downdrafts, and smoke problems.
  • Outdoor Gas Fire-pits and Fireplaces: We offer a board range of outdoor natural gas fired features like fire-pits and beautiful outdoor fireplaces.
We have been family owned and operated by Bruce Davis, an Illinois native, since 1993.
Air Technology is an Armstrong Comfort Team and Mitsubishi dealer. This reflects our long term commitment to technology, training, and customer service.
All of our heat pump technicians are EPA Certified for proper refrigeration services.
All of our heat pump technicians are factory trained, licensed and insured. We have decades of experience meeting the unique challenges posed by our Lake County, IL seasons.

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