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AeroTherm Heat Pump Water Heater

The AeroTherm utilizes both heat-pump technology and back-up electric heating elements to heat water. This integrated system helps to drive the AeroTherm's economical and efficient operation. During heat pump operation' a fan draws heat from the air into a compressor and evaporator to heat refrigerant. Once heated' the refrigerant travels through a coil that fully surrounds the water storage tank. Heat is directly transferred to the water in the tank.

  • AeroTherm Series Smart Control Panel provides detailed diagnostic information including water heater fault codes' tank codes' need to assess codes' and heat pump codes. Additional functions allow you to monitor the status of temperature-sensing thermistors and heating components.
  • 50- and 80-gallon capacities comparable replacements for 40-' 50-' or 80-gallon standard electric water heaters
  • Up to 3.39 Energy Factor Three times as efficient as conventional electric water heaters.
  • Designed for indoor installation such as: basement' garage' closet' utility room' attic' etc.
  • Four operating modes Heat Pump' Hybrid' Electric' and Vacation
  • Quiet Operation Operating sound level of 55dBA.
1st Hr
Rating GPH
Weight Lbs.
RE2H50R1050 65 2.40 60.75x21.75x21.75 195
RE2H50R10B50 69 3.39 60.75x21.75x21.75 195
RE2H80R10B80 94 3.26 73.5x25x25 235

Warranty Information

  • All Parts for 120 months -

Available Documents

34-17633.pdf (Consumer Literature, Color)
34-17634.pdf (Specification Sheet, Technical Information)
34-17635.pdf (Installation & Operation, In the Box)

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